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DND is making the supply chains without bounds, with a mission to improve life for individuals wherever along our worldwide supply chains.

About Drop & Dross Group of Company

Since 2012 we have developed from our underlying startup concentrated on exchanging handiworks from China toward the West to today's multinational corporation, overseeing complex supply chains for brands and retailers around the world. More than 07 or more years, regardless of real changes and interruptions, development and innovativeness keep on driving our business. We always try different things with better approaches for striving to convey an incentive to our clients. We have distinctive foundations, yet we share numerous things in like manner: a pledge to extraordinary outline, development, cooperation and enchanting our clients.


Our mission is the everyday development of our vision. Our mission states whom we serve, what we serve, how we do it every day and what we separate from competitors. Our mission is to enhance the business extension of our customers by improving our customer’s expectations by presenting them with high-quality products.

Our vision is straightforward yet striking– we seek to make the store network without bounds to enable our clients to explore the digital economy and to improve life for one billion individuals in our production network. We are confronting a period of exponential change. The combination of innovations has changed the manner in which shoppers and organizations communicate. Against that setting, we propelled our Three-Year Plan for 2017 – 2019 that spotlights on speed, advancement, and digitalization of the production network while putting reason at the center of what we do.


We are putting reason at the center of what we do at DND to have any kind of effect along the store network. We know we can't do this by itself and are utilizing our assembling capacity to empower coordinated effort and organizations to have constructive outcomes that are adaptable and reasonable.


Our qualities fashion the reason for our way of life, business procedures, and brand, uniting us and directing what we do.


We are global partners of trade experts who bring innovative products to life. We continually explore with new routes of going to deliver advantage to our clients. Our members drive our business so we aim to draw in and compensate the best in our business. We may have unique bases, yet we share unlimited things in like manner: a guarantee to incredible plan, development, collaboration, and captivating our clients. Consistently, our member's arrangement, source, create and convey customer merchandise over various item levels to customers around the globe. You can reach a destiny of our planners, merchandisers, QA/QC and experts on our Careers page.


We are devoted to the policies of good corporate governance which indicate transparency, accountability, and independence and consider this intensifies part-owner advantage. Our Board of Directors and administration group are focused on standards of good corporate administration which are steady with reasonable administration and improvement of investor esteem. These standards stress straightforwardness, responsibility, and autonomy. Dangers are inborn in our business and the business sectors in which we work. We perceive that hazard administration is the obligation of the majority of our kin as an indispensable piece of our everyday business process. Our hazard administration and inner control framework is intended to deal with the danger of inability to accomplish our corporate goals and gives sensible, yet not supreme affirmation against material error, misfortune or extortion, and to accomplish long-term shareholder esteem. The Board is in an assessment of storing up a strong and successful arrangement of hazard management and inner controls at DND and for assessing its viability and ampleness of important approaches and systems, helping us accomplish exclusive expectations of corporate administration. We are a constituent of driving worldwide maintainability records, including the ............. we are a constituent individual from the ...............Corporate Sustainability Index Series.


We work a standout amongst the broadest worldwide production network arranges on the planet. Our exactly 17,000 individuals work in excess of 230 areas in more than 40 distinct markets. Utilizing our broad worldwide achieve, the profundity of experience, showcase learning, and innovations, we encourage brands and retailers react rapidly to developing buyer and creation patterns. Utilizing our assembling power, we unite assorted players in the production network. This biological system is a ground-breaking stage to establish a change in the production network to serve our industry.

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